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How to Use Fake GPS in Mobile Legends for Rank Ladeboard Heroes - Have you ever heard the term Fake GPS which is usually used on a smartphone device? If you haven't, you must read this article to the end because in this article I will discuss how to use Fake GPS in Mobile Legends games.

What is Fake GPS?

Fake GPS itself when translated into Indonesian means a fake location or fake location on a smartphone.

As we know, to find out the position, monitor, and track the whereabouts of other smartphone users, we usually use the help of GPS or the Global Positioning System.

Well, it turns out that you can manipulate your whereabouts through a trick called the fake GPS. So your position will be detected in a different area or location from the actual one.

Fake GPS Function

After you already know briefly about this one application, then you must be curious about the functions or benefits of using the application, right?

Its main function is of course to trick other people about your actual location or position. But with this application you can also use it for other things as below: 

To prank your friends, because you can send your location anywhere in the world.

Can be used to play Mobile Legends games that need a fake GPS. In accordance with the title of this discussion, this point will be discussed.

How to Use Fake GPS in Mobile Legends

After you have read clearly about this Fake GPS application and its functions, then we will return to the topic of the discussion title.

Here I will share how to use Fake GPS to determine a location or area so that the Rank Laderboard you want is at the top. That way you can have a Supreme rank or title in certain countries where there are not many Mobile Legends players.

For example, if you live in Jakarta, you want to have the Supreme title on your favorite hero like Hayabusa, for example, but in that city of course the competition to get a Point Rank is quite difficult, of course it will be difficult to get a rank ruler title in that area.

Now, here you are trying to move your location to another country where there are no or rare mobile legends players. That way it will be very easy for you to get the title or Rank Ladeboard you want even though it is not in your original area.

How to? Please see how to use Fake GPS in Mobile Legends below.

  • First download the Fake GPS application, you can download it on the PlayStore
  • Then open the Fake GPS Application, and Mock Application Settings. The trick is to go to Phone Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Mode > Select the Mock Location App and Select Fake GPS.
  • After finishing the Mock settings, then return to the initial Fake GPS display with a map of the country, then you select which country you want to go to, here I tried Saudi Arabia, then clicked on the pin in the map area.
  • Next, click the green "Play" button at the bottom right of the screen. Then you just close it and let it run in the background.
  • Next, open your Mobile Legends game, go to the profile menu. After that you try to change the region region. Finished. Now you have moved the location for Rank Ladeboard according to the country you want.
  • Keep in mind that changing the Rank Ladeboard location can only be done once a week, so you have to really pay attention to whether the Fake GPS is active or not before opening the game. To see the Fake GPS is active, please see the notification in your notification bar as below. Or you can also test it directly from your Google Map application to find out the current location.

So it's very easy, right? You can try it yourself on your cellphone.

How to Unlock Android Smartphone Developer Mode

In this method I use a Xiaomi Merl cellphone, where if you use a Xiaomi cellphone the method will be the same, but for other brand cellphones, don't worry the method remains the same. But for those of you who have not been able to find or have not opened the developer mode menu or developer mode, you can follow the method below.

For Xiaomi Smartphones

  • Go to Settings then select About Phone.
  • After that you tap 3 times on MIUI Version. Later the Developer Mode option will appear.

For Smartphones of other brands.

  • The method is almost the same, go to settings
  • Then select the Version Number (every cellphone has a different version number in its mention but it's the same),
  • You tap 3 times until a developer options sign or developer appears. finished

So, that was how to use the Fake GPS Application on Mobile Legends to move the location of your area. Hopefully it is useful and can provide new insights for all of you, and don't forget to share it with your friends for those who don't know how. Thank you so much and greetings push rank!

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