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Upcoming, New Skin Collaboration MLBB X KungFu Panda 2022

MLBB x KungFu Panda - Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang is a very popular MOBA game among game lovers in the world. This game is recorded to have been played by millions of people based on download data on the Google Playstore. Not only gamers, Mobile Legends is also played by children to parents, no wonder this game is very popular until now.

This Moba game made by Moonton always presents various interesting events for its players. One of the events that will be coming soon to Mobile Legends is a collaboration skin with the animated film produced by DreamWorks Animation, namely KungFu Panda.

KungFu Panda x MLBB

MLBB x Kung Fu Panda

KungFu Panda at a glance, Kungfu Panda is a 2008 American computer-animated wuxia comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures. This Kung Fu Panda film was directed by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne in their directorial debut, and stars a top voice actor, one of whom is Jack Black.

The film KungFu Panda is set in an ancient Chinese version where it is inhabited by anthropomorphic speaking animals and is surrounded around a dwarf panda named Po, a kung fu enthusiast. When an evil kung fu warrior named Tai Lung escapes from prison, and unwittingly Po is named after the Dragon Warrior, who is destined to defeat him.

In the Mobile Legends x KungFu Panda collaboration skin, there will be 3 characters from the animated Kung Fu Panda film, namely Po KungFu Panda, Lord Shen is a character from the 2nd KungFu Panda series, and General Kai KungFu Panda 3rd series.

Lord Shen is an evil character in the KungFu Panda 2 series, he is the evil white peacock queen of the peacock descendants who ruled Gongmen City in Ancient China. Lord Shen had a powerful weapon which he used for the conquest of China.

While the character of General Kai is a character from KungFu Panda Film Series k 3. General Kai himself is an undead warrior who has defeated all kung fu masters in the world and taken their chi.

So, from the three KungFu Panda characters, what Mobile Legends hero is suitable for the three KungFu Panda characters? You must be curious right? Ok, just read on for the full KungFu Panda Hero skin below.

Mobile Legends Hero Who Gets KungFu Panda Skin

Here are three heroes who will get the upcoming Mobile Legends x KungFu Panda collaboration skin, check below:

1. Akai X Po Kung Fu Panda

KungFu Panda x MLBB

The first hero who is suitable for getting the MLBB x KungFu Panda collaboration skin is Akai. Akai is a Mobile Legends hero who has a Tank role, from the appearance itself it is very similar to Po from KungFu Panda. So it's not wrong if he gets the KungFu Panda x MLBB collaboration skin.

2. Thamuz X General Kai

KungFu Panda x MLBB

The second is the Fighter Thamuz hero who will get the KungFu Panda skin as General Kai. As I mentioned above, general kai is an undead who came to the world of KungFu Panda in the KungFu Panda 3 series. Thamuz as General Kai is quite suitable to get this skin, considering that Thamuz's hero also has a similar appearance to General Kai.

3. Ling X Lord Shen

KungFu Panda x MLBB

The next hero who gets a collaboration skin from KungFu Panda x MLBB is Ling as Lord Shen. Ling himself is a fairly agile assassin hero who is often used as the main core in the team. The Ling got a skin from Lord Shen, indeed in a quite different appearance because basically in the KungFu Panda film Lord Shen is described as a peacock.

So, the appearance of Hero Ling's skin can be said to be only Cosplay from Lord Shen, but even so, the appearance of this skin is quite cool and very interesting of course. It could be that Lord Shen x Ling will get more attention than the other two skins above because they have a different appearance.

So, out of the three MLBB x KungFu Panda collaboration skins above, which one do you like, guys?

When will the MLBB x KungFu Panda skin be released

From the information I got and it has been confirmed from various sources, the MLBB x KungFu Panda collaboration skin will be released on August 20, 2022. It's only a matter of days before this article is published for the release of this KungFu Panda skin. So prepare yourself and your wallet.

Free General Kai KungFu Panda Skin

One of the things that really attracts the attention of free players is getting free skins. In the MLBB x KungFu Panda collaboration skin, Moonton will give the General Kai x Thamuz skin for free with only 10 gacha. Yep, you can get this collaboration skin with Gacha, and it's definitely a limited event.

How to Buy KungFu Panda Skin Mobile Legends

Surely some of you want to know how to get this KungFu Panda skin, right? You can get this KungFu PandA Collaboration Skin through the Gacha Event and have limited time.

How much is the KungFu Panda Skin in Mobile Legends?

As I mentioned earlier, this KungFu Panda skin can be obtained through the Gacha Event. To get a KunFu Panda skin, it is estimated that you can spend 4000 diamonds to 5000 diamonds or even more. If converted to around $100.

But there is an exception for the skin from General Kai, because this skin will be guaranteed to be obtained in the first 10 Draws at the Gacha KungFu Panda x MLBB event. So it will be more economical if you only want Thamuz skin.


Well, that's the information about the KungFu Panda x Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang Collaboration Skin that will get it. If you want one of the skins above, then prepare your diamonds for Gacha in the upcoming event.

That's all for this article, hopefully it's useful and can help you to find out about events in Mobile Legends in an updated manner. Don't forget to share it with your friends too.

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