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Upcoming New Map "Sanctum Island" Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

On this occasion the admin will share a little leak about the latest Preview Map of the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang. We know that in this game there are three maps in classic or rank match mode.

In the near future, Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game will present a new map called Santum Island.

This map is the latest map where in Mobile Legends is the work of ProjectNext the same as before, it's not just the heroes or the skin that has changed, but the map from this game is starting to be updated again.

Now this map looks so fresh with a green soil style and of course it will be the main attraction for players to play on this Sanctum Island Map.

For those of you who are curious about the appearance of this Sanctum Island Map, you can see the screenshot that the admin shared below.

Preview Map of Sanctum Island Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

That was the latest leaked Map that will be present in the Mobile Legends Game. This map will probably be available on the original server soon. So we'll just have to wait until this new map is released.

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