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Aamon is the best Hero Assassin version of RRQ Hoshi - Mobile Legends: Bnag

To update the new season of Mobile Legends, a number of heroes have experienced a large increase. Welcoming this new update, RRQ Hoshi frontman Lemon revealed the best assassin heroes in the mobile game.

Based on the latest video uploaded to his official channel, Lemon reveals Aamon's hero as the best assassin hero today even though the hero was only introduced some time ago.

Recognized by Lemon, Aamon is a hero assassin who has the ability above Hayabusa who is known to be quite deadly. According to him, Aamon is a type of hero with annoying magic damage and passive skills that can conceal.

Furthermore, Aamon is known as one of the heroes with large burst damage in the early game and very troublesome for opponents. This Aamon skill makes the hero have abilities that are not much different from Gusion.

Interestingly, this Aamon hero is able to conceal with his passive skill. One of Aamon's skills is capable of dealing 150 magic damage. After skill one is issued, then Aamon can immediately disappear avoiding the opponent's skill.

The ultimate skill from Aamon gives 90 to 150 total magic damage which is too deadly. Because of this Aamon skill collaboration, the assassin hero is clearly the best currently in RRQ Lemon's version.

Not only Aamon, a number of other assassin heroes who are currently on the rise include Lancelot, Natalia, Ling to Selena. Aamon is the new hero who fills the category of the best assassin hero in the latest season of Mobile Legends.

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