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7 Leaks Skin Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on April 2021

7 Latest MLBB Skin Leaks - This time admin will share 7 Skin Leaks that will be present in the Original Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Server. You all must already know with this Moba game, a 5vs5 game by Moonton that is so popular among mobile game lovers today.

In the Update Server Advanced Patch 1.5.62 yesterday, Moonton again presented its latest 7 Skins for Hero Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This skin is still private and has not been published directly, but friends can see this post to know what new skins will be released later in The Original Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Server.

Well, below you can see 7 Mobile Legends Skin Leaks that will be present on the Original Server in the future.

7 New Mobile Legends Skins That Will Be Present on Original Server:

1. Angela Floral Elf

Angela Floral Elf
Angela Floral Elf

The first one is Angela's hero who gets her latest skin, this is a support hero who gets a Collector type skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With this type of Skin Collector it is clear how cool angel floral elf skin is, in terms of Entrance Animation, Skill effect changes and also the Sound of this Hero also changed.

Angela Floral Elf will be present at Original Server Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on April 7, 2021, this skin can be obtained through Event Collector Skin with limited time of course. The estimate to get Angela Floral Elf skin is probably about 4k to 5k diamond considering it is an Epic Collector skin.

2. Chang'e Vine Cradle

Chang'e Vine Cradle
Chang'e Vine Cradle

The second Epic skin from Hero Chang'e will be released in Apirl 2021, or on April 04, 2021 on Original Server. This skin can be obtained by buying it with diamonds for 899, and will get a discount in the first week.

This skin is no less cool with the previous Epic Limited Chang'e Skin, in terms of entrance animations and also the skill effect is good enough to say epic skin. Well for friends who do not have chang'e epic skin, buddy can buy it with diamonds and play it in the Mobile Legends battle arena.

3. Vale Blizzard Storm

Vale Blizzard Storm
Vale Blizzard Storm

After more than two years, Vale finally got an epic skin with Hero Squad or super hero type. This skin is the 4th skin squad hero after Bruno, Lancelot and Chou. Vale Blizzard Storm will be released on the original Mobile Legends server on March 16, 2021. Buddy can get this skin through gacha system and of course this skin is only limited time.

As usual for Skin Hero Squad always presents Exclusive items for this skin, such as Effect Recall, Effect Spawn, Effect Elimination, Battle Emote and Also Avatar Border with super hero Vale Blizzard Storm. And of course the Exclusive Item is obtained through gacha is also the same as the skin.

4. Kagura Rainy Walk

Kagura Rainy Walk
Kagura Rainy Walk

In April 2021, the skin for Starlighnya obtained by Hero Kagura is Rainy Walk, as usual buddy can buy starlight skin this month to get exclusive Starlight skin from Kagura Rainy Walk.

Kagura Rainy Walk is a Starlight Skin in April 2021, where this skin carries "a cute japanese girl" yes the point of this skin uwu is similar to anime so. For friends who like this skin do not miss to buy starlight member in April.

5. Barats Toy Rex

Barats Toy Rex

The newest skin from Barats is Toy Rex with Elite Skin type, this skin will be present on Original Server on April 10, 2021 at a price of 599 diamonds and will certainly get a discount in the first week.

In terms of the appearance of Wests Toy Rex Skin reminds me of rex toys that are in the movie that I've seen, buddy must know the green Toy Rex. Ok for a friend who likes elite skin Barats Toy Rex can buddy wait on the release date later.

6. Saber Silver Edge

Saber Silver Edge

As usual, Towards the beginning of sesaon Moonton will present Skin S20 First Recharger, which friends can buy this skin at a price of only 50 diamonds if it has been top up anything in the Mobile Legends game.

In terms of appearance do not expect much yes guys, Skin First Recharge only replaces the hero model only, and for the effect is still using the hero's default skin effect.

7. Beatrix X Factor

Beatrix X Factor

The last skin of the newest hero of Mobile Legends will be on March 19. This is the latest Marksaman hero from Mobile Legends that has many types of skills tailored to the Ultimate chosen from its users.

Well that's it guys, 7 Mobile Legends Skin Leaks that will be present in the original Server on the update gotang. Prepare your diamonds if you want to have them.