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File Skin Lunox Butterfly Seraphim Epic Skin Limited Mobile Legends

File Script Lunox Epic Skin Butterfly Seraphim -  Share skin files for the Lunox Epic skin Limited event hero that you can use for free for mobile legends games.

You can download Lunox Butterfly Seraphim friends below, you can see the screenshot below.

That's a screenshot of the Lunox Limited Epic Skin Script File that you can use for free and of course anti-ban, because this only changes the appearance of our cellphones, the enemy will see our hero without skin.

So take it easy, this skin file is safe to use, of course, I have provided a file backup too, which you can use to restore the skin file to its original state.

Link Download File Script Skin Lunox Epic Limited

Epic Skin Lunox Butterfly Seraphim - Backup File Original Skin Lunox

For how to install it, you can see in this post (How to install the MLBB skin script)

So for this post, don't forget to help share it with your friends and continue to support this blog to keep it updated.