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Drone View + Night Mode Map Imperial Sanctuary Mobile Legends

Script Drone View + Night Mode - This time I will share a Map Request from Subscriber Nolife Legends, namely Map Imperial Sanctuary Night Mode plus Drone View.

This map can be used in Medium, High and Ultra settings, and there is also a day version available. The installation method is on the Nolife Legends channel.

Attention please, I am not responsible if your mobile legends account is banned.

Link Download Map Imperial Sanctuary Night Mode  + Drone View :

Night Mode + Drone View [ Setting Medium] [Setting High] [Setting Ultra]

Day Mode + Drone View [ Setting Medium] [Setting High] [Setting Ultra]

Backup All Map Original Mobile Legends [Download]

So that's the Script Map Imperial Sanctuary Drone View plus Night mode that I can share this time. Don't forget to share with your friends. See you later.