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Good news! Kadita is Getting her New Skin Soon. MPL Skin!

Kadita is one of the deadliest heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero has two roles at once, namely Mage and Assassin. Kadita herself was inspired by the most famous legendary figure in Indonesia, Nyi Roro Kidul, she is believed to be the queen of the South coast.

However, it turns out that from the first release of this Kadita hero, Moonton has not once given her a skin with a high grade other than the special skin.

But take it easy, there is good news for you Kadita users, that this hero will get his latest skin this year. The theme skin that he will get is the MPL skin. We know, MPL skins have previously been released such as Wanwan, and Claude. So, you must have wondered what the theme would be like.

Skin Survey Kadita Mobile Legends 2023

Well, for more details, you can see below for a skin survey image of Hero Kadita for the upcoming MPL skin.

1. Kadita Skin MPL Theme 1

kadita skin survey mobile legends

2. Kadita Skin MPL Theme 2

kadita skin survey mobile legends

As we already know, that MPL skins have or are the same as special skin grades. Even so, this is still good news for those of you Kadita users who want to get the latest skin for this hero.

This skin is still a survey, so it can still change at any time until the day when this skin is released.

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