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How to Pass Shortlinks SafelinkU Easily - Everything must have met with a shortlink website when you want to visit a link or download but some of the shortlinks are enough to make us upset because it is very difficult to pass through it, which is too much popup, a trap button and there are also those who use captcha. But in contrast to the members of the shortlink website they are actually happy because they can make money from the shortlink, to make money from shortlinks later I will discuss in the next post.

How to get through shortlinks is actually not too difficult for example just Shortlink Safelinku, the most widely used local shortlinks. The address they use produces shortlinks using random domains, some are dominate and others. To pass through it we have to face re-captcha but for certain accounts that have become their old members usually re-captcha does not appear or be turned off.

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How to pass SafelinkU shortlinks easily

I myself use SafelinkU Shortlink and not a few of them who find it difficult to pass the link that I have had, even though in my account the re-captcha settings have been deactivated.

Therefore I made this post to make it easier for all of you who want to know how to easily pass SafelinkU shortlink to the link you are aiming for, the tutorial below I complete with the picture because if you don't use images it is likely to remain difficult if explained in words.

How to pass SafelinkU shortlink

Step 1: First click Open the link that has been shortened from SafelinkU, will appear as shown below. Wait for 10 seconds on the button until it changes, if there is a captcha please follow the captcha command until the green checklist as follows.

Step 2: If the Captcha and the Click here to Continue have appeared immediately clicked. Usually a tab or popup will appear when clicking on the Continue button, can be dipped in the new tab and re -click the Continue button to the page as follows.

Step 3: It's arrived at the Generatelink page, just click on the Generate Link writing until the writing changes to get the link as follows. In this section the most popup or new tab that will appear and all the ads must be dicated, must be clicked many times until the URL address displays the destination link as follows.

Step 4: If the Get Link button is seen the URL address is directly clicked and you arrive at the link you want to go.

If you already understand how to pass SafelinkU shortlink and ask why someone uses this shortlink to bother users, it turns out this shortlink is used on bloggers to produce fantastic dollars. You can read the following article how to get $ 10 per day from SafelinkU shortlink.

That's the easy way to pass SafelinkU shortlink, hopefully what I write can be useful and help everything who wants to pass shortlinks like SafelinkU. Thank you.

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