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Upcoming! New MLBB x Saint Seiya Collaboration Skin, Free Skin!

MLBB x Saint Seiya - Who doesn't know the game of a million people in Mobile Legends? The 5vs5 moba game made by Moonton which is very loved by gamers, both children and adults. Recently, Mobile Legends is holding a new skin collaboration event with Kungfu Panda. This Mobile Legends x Kungfu Panda Skin Event is ongoing now.

MLBB x Saint Seiya

New MLBB x Saint Seiya Collaboration Skin

Apart from the ongoing MLBB x Kungfu Panda collaboration event, it turns out that Moonton will present his newest collaboration skin with an old anime, Saint Seiya. Maybe you've heard about the leaked Mobile Legends collaboration with Saint Seiya, right? This has been confirmed after in the Mobile Legends Advanced server account there is a test event from Saint Seiya x MLBB.

The Saint Seiya test event made the leak of the collaboration skin with this old anime real, as leaked by several leakers of mobile legends. Pretty interesting isn't it? So, does anyone here know about this old anime? If not, below I will briefly explain about Saint Seiya.

About Anime Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya is one of the most idolized children's series in its time. This old anime tells the story of the knights of the zodiac which is the work of Masami Kurumada. The Saint Seiya anime is produced by Toei Animation and first broadcast on TV Asahi, Japan on October 11, 1986

This series tells the story of five warriors called 'Saints', who have powers. Their strength rests on the bronze robes that come from the constellations of their respective owners. The five 'Saints' are Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun, and Phoenix Ikki.

The moves they have are also different, Seiya is famous for his Pegasus meteor punch. Shiryu is famous for his dragon fist climbing the mountain and Hyoga with diamond dust moves.

Well, in this collaboration from Saint Seiya x Mobile Legends, 6 skins from Saint Seiya will be presented. The six skins will be divided into three, so there will be 3 mobile legends heroes who will get two Saint Seiya skins. Wow, this is really cool, what kind of heroes will get this skin? Listen below.

3 Mobile Legends Heroes Get Saint Seiya Skin

As I mentioned above, there will be three Mobile Legends heroes who will each get two skins from Saint Seiya, here's the list.

1. Badang x Pegasus Seiya & Sagittarius Seiya

New MLBB x Saint Seiya Collaboration Skin

The first is the fighter hero Badang who will get two collaboration skins for Saint Seiya x MLBB, namely Pegasus Seiya and Sagittarius Seiya. According to the leak, you can have Pegasus Seiya Skin with only the first 10 draws in the Saint Seiya x MLBB event.

2. Valir x Phoenix Ikki & God Colth Ikki

Next is the mage hero Valir who will get Phoenix Ikki and God Colth Ikki skins from Saint Seiya.

3. Chou x Dragon Shiryu & Libra Shiryu

Finally, there is Chou who will get a skin from Dragon Shiryu and Libra Shiryu from Saint Seiya.

Free Skin Saint Seiya Mobile Legends

As I mentioned earlier, according to the leak from the leaker mobile legends, you can get the skin from Pegasus Seiya Badang for only 10 times for the first draw. This Saint Seiya event is said to be almost similar to the MLBB x Kungfu Panda event that is currently taking place.

When will Saint Seiya's skin be released?

The release date is still unknown, but from the information and sources I got, the Saint Seiya collaboration event will be present in October 2022. So prepare your diamonds for the event later.


Well, that's information about the latest leaked skin collaboration for the Saint Seiya x Mobile Legends anime: Bang Bang. Of the several Saint Seiya skins above, which one will you try to get? or just take the free one? all depends on your interests.

Hopefully this information is useful and can help you to find out the latest skins that will be present in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang-bang Game.

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