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How to Unlock The Lost Valley Artifact Domain in Chasm Genshin Impact

How to Unlock Artifact Domains in The Chasm Genshin Impact - Genshin Impact v2.6 update has presented a new map in the liyue region, the Chasm. Chasm is a mining area in the Liyue region.

On the new map, there are the latest artifact domains from Vermillion Hereafter and Echoes of anOffering artifacts. But to be able to enter the artifact domain in Chasm cannot be directly. You have to open the mechanism first.

Well, for travelers who are confused can not enter the artifact domain in chasm. Here I will share how to get in.

How to Unlock the Latest Artifact Domain in The Chasm Genshin Impact Map

  • First cross you to a location near the domain
  • In the area, there is a circle on the ground, you just bring a geo contruct character to open it. Use the Aether/Lumine GEO character to create a geo contruct on the provided mark.
  • After that, you run to the end of the big rock at the end to deal damage using geo elements.
  • After that, the boulder will respond and resonate from the mechanism. The cave to the domain artifact was already open.
  • Finish

Well, that's more or less how to unlock the latest artifact domain in The Chasm Genshin Impact. Hope it helps.

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