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How Many Diamonds Are Needed For Skin Legend Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow

How much does Guinevere's Legend Skin cost? This is the amount of Diamond you need to be able to get the Legend Guinevere skin.

You can get Guinevere's Legend Skin through the latest event in Mobile Legends, Psionic Oracle. This event can be said to have a gacha system that is almost similar to yesterday's 11.11 event, namely you have to collect an item that you can later exchange for the Guinevere Legend Skin (For the past Hayabusa - Shura).

You need around 1600 Psionic Items to be able to get a rare skin from Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow, So how many diamonds do we need to get?

How Many Diamonds Are Needed For Skin Guinevere Psion of Tomorrow?

Because in the first 10 draws you get a discount and only one time, according to several gaming creators on YouTube who have done gacha for the skin, it takes around 10000 to 15000 diamonds, or if you're hockey, you can get the Legend Guinevere skin for less over 6000 Diamonds only.

Because every time you gacha at least you can get 50 Psionic Items, with an average of 100 Psionic items per gacha of course you need at least 16 times gacha (1000 diamonds).

Not yet added with the prizes that you can get from 10 to 50 gacha that can be claimed by Psionic Items.

Can the price of Guinevere's Legend Skin be cheaper?

You can also get the Legend Guinevere skin cheaper if you want to be patient waiting for the next event, where on April 30 there will be additional free tickets and also a yellow diamond promo that you can get.

But of course you have to wait for the next few days. If you can't wait for the Legen Guinever skin, you can also just go straight to gacha without having to think about cheap or not.

Well, that's more or less the number of diamonds you need to be able to buy the latest Legend skin belonging to the Fighter hero, which was recently bufed by Mobile Legends. You as a Guinevere user really must have this legend skin, because the skill effects are not kidding and of course there are special effects such as exclusive recal effects, achievements and special avatar borders.

Hopefully it's useful and don't forget to share it with your friends so they can know how many diamonds are needed for the legend skin.

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