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Update Tier List Mobile Legends New Patch March 2022

Update Tier List Mobile Legends (ML) - The latest patch update certainly brings new changes to a game, Mobile Legends is no exception. The reason is, some time ago Moonton has made a massive update to its flagship MOBA game, Mobile Legends.

Some meta heroes get nerfs, it certainly affects the meta in Mobile Legends, including for the EVOS Legendds Zeys trainer who will immediately update the latest tier list.

Tier List Mobile Legends

EVOS Trainer Version Tier List Update

Just like every previous update, EVOS trainer Bjorn 'Zeys' Ong always shares his version of the Mobile Legends hero tier list. This time he shared his views on the tier list of Mobile Legends patch 1.6.50 which was recently updated.

EXP Lane

The top pick in the Exp lane according to EVOS Zeys is 9 heroes, namely Paquito, Edith, Gloo, Yu Zhong, Phoveus, Valentina, Esmeralda, Chou, and Uranus.

Especially for Esmeralda, she is in the SS tier, because this hero is indeed at her strongest in the meta right now and is often an option.

In addition there is the loss of Hylos, Ruby and Lapu-Lapu which dropped one level to A.

Gold Lane

Top Pick in this position there are 8 heroes, namely Clint, Wanwan, Lunox, Brody, Aldous, Lylia, Popol & Kupa and Beatrix.

For Goldlaner, currently in the SS tier, according to Zeys, there are four heroes, namely Clint, Beatrix, Wanwan and Brody.


For Top support/midlane in this patch there are only 5 heroes according to him. namely Yve, Kagura, Lylia, Valentina, and Cecilion

With the SSS tier, Valentina is the top pick/ban in this meta. And Yve, who even though he was in the nerf, still occupies the top pick until he was labeled SS by Zeys.


According to Zeys, the top pick or Tier S in the latest patch, there are 5 heroes, namely Selena, Mathilda, Valentina, Khufra and Rafaela.

According to Zeys, Selena and Mathilda occupy the SS tier, it's not surprising that this happened because both of them were very strong and became top picks when they were released.

Followed by three other names, namely Valentina, Khufra and Rafaela. Fanny's dash makes Khufra seem to rise to the surface as one of the most likely counters to use.


In this latest patch, according to Zeys, there are 9 Top junglers in Mobile Legends, namely YSS, Hayabusa, Lancelot, Ling, Roger, Aulus, Paquito, Fanny, and Balmond.

Indeed, Fanny's hero is becoming a prima donna this season as a jungler, and is unstoppable thanks to the last buff that makes her energy no longer wasteful. Even though it still needs a blue buff. He is an SSS tier hero according to Zeys.

Furthermore, there are three names for the SS tier, namely Paquito, Hayabusa and Lancelot. The three are indeed the top picks, although we can see that Hayabusa is a little less attractive this time after the nerf he got.

And of course, don't forget Aulus who is on the rise with strong performance in the late game.

Source: MLBB Evos Coach

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