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Reasons for Fanny and Layla to Get Anime Skins, Read more here - It turns out that this is the reason Layla and Fanny got the anime skin of The Aspirants! Moonton will finally officially release an anime-themed skin with a futuristic atmosphere into Mobile Legends.

The Aspirants Skin

Interestingly, the two legendary heroes of the game will certainly get the skin, namely Layla and Fanny.

However, it turns out that there is a reason behind the choice of the hero by Moonton to be able to get an anime skin titled The Aspirers.

After many questions were received, finally the reason for choosing Layla and Fanny to get an anime-themed skin, namely The Aspirants, was revealed.

Via Mobile Legends

This was directly expressed by Moonton through Mobile Legends' official social media which stated that the equipment and weapons of the two heroes were the main reason for the selection of Layla and Fanny,

The reason is, Layla and Fan's equipment and weapons are considered suitable and able to adapt to the Sci-fi theme carried by The Aspirants.

Later, the two hero weapons, Layla's Malefic Gun and Fanny's Steel Cable, will get changes and make the weapon more modern.

This is certainly very interesting, considering that there will certainly be a new, more captivating effect that comes through the futuristic design.

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