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Tier List Hero Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 2021

Tier List Hero MLBB - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, who doesn't know this moba? Since the release of this game in 2016, this mobile game has managed to attract the attention of gamers, especially in the Asian region.

This MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) type game from developer Moonton Technology managed to break the milestone of 1 billion downloads in October 2020 last year. Players from Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia are the biggest contributors to the number of downloads for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

tier list mobile legends 2021

Although now many MOBA-type games are starting to appear, this does not necessarily make the Mobile Legends game abandoned by the players.

Various reasons have succeeded in making users loyal to playing this game, such as easy to play, game size that is not too big for cellphones, game graphics that are not monotonous, the availability of a variety of interesting new events, so that they can be played with friends is one of the reasons for this game. still a lot of fans.

To continue to satisfy users, Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game continues to update every patch.

In every patch there are several components that continue to experience improvements, updates, ranging from revamp heroes, to optimization of Star-Up Points and Protection Points.

With the update in every patch on Mobile Legends, it changes the meta or position of each hero. This is due to the adjustment of each hero either from adding buffs, reducing every skill from the hero or other changes.

That way you also have to be observant in choosing a hero during battle considering that every Partch update in Mobile Legends is always changing. That way you will easily win the match by choosing a hero that fits the meta in the latest version.

Well below are some of the strongest Mobile Legends heroes from tier SS to C after experiencing patch changes in the previous update. Sometimes this tier list is still valid until the next Patch update until there is the latest meta again. So about what heroes are included in the strongest tier in Mobile Legends? You can see below, we will tie a tier list of mobile legends heroes from each role.

Tier List of Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2021

Assassin's Role

This role is usually tasked with eliminating core members from the enemy team quickly, Focusing on attacking when the opponent's blood supply is running low.

This hero with the Assassin Role is recommended to be used by people who are professionals in ranked mode because this hero has a fairly low Healt Point but has an important role in the team, please for those of you who are beginners to practice first in vs Ai or in classic mode.

  • S Tier : Aamon, Benedetta, Lancelot, Mathilda, Saber, Selena
  • A Tier : Hayabusa, Helcurt, Karina, Natalia
  • B Tier : Fanny, Gusion, Ling
  • C Tier : Hanzo
  • D Tier : -

Role Fighter

The task of this role fighter is to lead the attack on the opposing team, making attacks at close range.

  • S Tier : Aulus, Jawhead, Paquito, Phoveus, Roger, X.Borg
  • A Tier : Aldous, Chou, Freya, Guinevere, Lapu-lapu, Ruby, Sun, Yu Zhong, Zilong
  • B Tier : Alpha, Alucard, Argus, Badang, Balmond, Bane, Hilda, Khaled, Leomord, Silvana
  • C Tier : Masha, Thamuz
  • D Tier : Dyrroth, Martis, Minsitthat, Terizla
  • E Tier : -

Role Marksman

Marksman heroes are often used as main heroes in battle where this role also has a large damage effect compared to other roles so it is placed in the middle to the end of the game.

  • S Tier : Brody, Granger, Hanabi, Miya, Wanwan
  • A Tier : Beatrix, Bruno, Claude, Clint, Natan, Yi Sun-Shin
  • B Tier : Irithel, Layla, Popol and Kupa
  • C Tier : Karrie, Lesley
  • D Tier : Kimmy, Moskov
  • E Tier : -

Role Mage

Deals burst damage and controls crowds with magic power, has high damage effect but also has low Health Points.

  • S Tier : Alice, Esmeralda, Eudora, Kagura, Zhask
  • A Tier : Cecilion, Chang'e, Cyclops, Harley, Luo Yi, Pharsa, Vale, Yve
  • B Tier : Harith, Kadita, Lunox, Lylia, Valir
  • C Tier : Aurora, Nana, Odette
  • D Tier : Gord, Vexana
  • E Tier : -

Role Tank

The task of a tanker is to be bait to provoke a reaction from the opposing team or join a team battle. This is because tanks have great endurance to deal with heavy damage.

  • S Tier : Khufta, Tigreal
  • A Tier : Atlas, Franco, Gatotkaca, Gloo, Hylos, Uranus
  • B Tier : Akal, Barats, Belerick, Jhonson, Lolita
  • C Tier : Baxia, Grock, Minotour
  • D Tier :

Role Support

One of the main tasks of a supporter is to provide buffs and debuffs, provide protection and repair damage, and provide assistance to team members whose HP is reduced.

  • S Tier : Diggie, Floryn, Kaja, Rafela
  • A Tier : Angela
  • B Tier : Carmilla, Estes
  • C Tier : Faramis
  • D Tier : - 

So that's a list of some of the strongest heroes in the mobile legends bang-bang game that you can try to win the match. That way you will not lose and choose the wrong hero to play.

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