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Mobile Legends New Skin and Hero Release Schedule for December 2021 - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a very popular android moba game. Many gamers who play this game, both young people and even old people also play this 5vs5 Moba game.

Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game continues to provide the best for its players, such as events that occur every week, presenting new skins for heroes that players like and many more that Moonton provides for its players so that players feel at home playing them.

As we know that every month or every change of patch in Mobile Legends always presents new skins and new heroes for the players. With a new skin for each hero, it will give new effects and add enthusiasm for players to fight in the arena. Of course, this effect has a difference from the usual effects that will make you feel at home using the new skin.

The presence of new skins or new heroes in mobile legends is certainly not free, as for free, usually only new heroes are obtained at events. As for skins, you usually have to buy with diamonds first, but with the first skin released, you will get a 30% discount on purchasing skins for the first week. 

Well, below we will share the schedule for the release of new skins and new heroes in Mobile Legends in December 2021. Who do you think will get the newest skin and what heroes will be present at the land of dawn later? Let's see in full below, who knows there will be a new skin from your favorite Hero that will be released next month.

Mobile Legends New Skin and Hero Release Schedule for December 2021 

1. Brody - Lethal Fang 

The first skin that will be released in early December 2021 is Brody Lethal Fang. This skin is a monthly Starlight skin, you can get this skin by becoming a starlight member in December 2021.

In addition to getting starlight skin, you will also get additional prizes if you become a starlight member that month. Such as the effects of recal and border exclusive starlight members, battle emotes, painted skins, sacred statues and many more additional prizes that you can get at every level on starlight members.

2. Nana - Aqua Pura

On December 3, 2021, we will have a new epic collector skin from Nana, namely Aqua Pura. This skin is a limited Epic skin with a collector emblem, you can get this skin through gacha at the skin collector event for 20 days from the beginning of its release.

You will get a discount 1 time for every day, the estimate to get this skin is around 4000 to 6000 diamonds to get this Nana Aqua Pura skin. Actually there is a way to save, maybe later I will explain in another article.

3. Selena - Lady Vengeance


Selena Lady Vengeance is a skin squad series from the Abyss Squad or Squad villain. Previously, the first Abyss Squad Skin was also released, namely Alpha General Void. This skin will be released on December 11 on Mobile Legends.

Just like the Abyss Alpha General Void skin, you can get this skin with gacha which might cost you 5000 or up to 10,000 diamonds if you are not hockey. In this Selena Abyss skin there are also exclusive abyss items such as border avatars, battle emotes, recall effects, kill effects, spawn effects and sacred statues which are themed from the abyss skin.

4. Granger - Hellbringer

The next skin that will be released is the latest skin from Granger with the name Hellbringe with a special skin type. This skin is the second winning skin (if I'm not mistaken) the skin design contest a few months ago.

You can get this skin on December 14, 2021 through the shop at a price of 749 diamonds and will get a discount for the first week.

5. Rafaela - Angelic Sonata

Rafaela got her newest skin with a Christmas theme or a Special skin. You can get this skin at the Shop at a price of 749 Diamonds and also a 30% discount in the first week.

Rafaela Angelic Sonata's Special Skin will be released on December 16, 2021, so don't miss it.

6. New Hero Phylax & Edith


This is the latest hero from mobile legends named Phylax and Edith, this new hero has the first Tank/Marksaman role in Mobile Legends. With the Tank and Markman roles, you can overwhelm the enemy, in addition to a fairly long attack distance, this hero also has a fairly thick HP like tanks in general.

This new hero Phylax and Edith will be released on December 21, 2021, reportedly this hero will be free by moonton through the Edith Exchange Token event. The token will be available on December 21.

7. Alucard - Ob wan Kenobi - Starwars x MLBB

Furthermore, there is new news that on December 21, a Collaboration Skin between Star Wars and MLBB will be released which previously presented Argus and Cyclops and now Alucard. Alucard will be a member of the newest Star Wars skin under the name Ob Wan Kenobi.

The possibility to get this skin you have to gacha, just like with the previous Star wars skins. Since this info is still uncertain, so wait for the exact information first and we will update it in this post.

8. Granger - Starfall Knight

Skin Legend from Granger Starfall Knight will return again for reshale on December 21, of course, you can get this reshale through gahca, right.

So for those of you who haven't gotten the Legend Granger Skin in the previous event, please gacha at the event that will come back later.

9. Eudora - Christmas Carnival

This is a eudora skin that has been revamped by moonton, updating all effects to a newer one.

This Eudora Christmas Carnival skin will be available on December 21 through the Scrathcard Limited time event.

10. Martis - Capricorn Zodiac Skin

The next skin that will come is from Martis Zodiac Capricorn, you can get this skin through the Zodiac summon on December 22.

For those of you who have a Capricorn zodiac star, you must buy it, so that it is the same as your birth star. The summon price is around the price of an epic skin, between 800 diamonds and above.

11. Tigreal - Steel Guardian

This skin is a basic skin, just like the skins that were present at the beginning of the season. You can get the Tigreal Steel Guradian skin at a price of 50 diamonds on the condition that you have to top up first regardless of the top up.

This skin will be available at the beginning of the season later on December 25, 2021.

12. Terizla - Rustwreck S22 Skin

This is a season reset skin that is distributed for free by Moonton to players with the condition that they must be at the master tier and above, so if you are still elite you can't get this skin. This skin belongs to the special skin category, where the effect of this skin is different from the basic skin on the hero.

Skin Terizla Rus Wreck will be available on December 25, 2021 after resetting the Mobile Legends season.

13. Karrie - Wheel Of Justice

The last one came from the marksman hero, Karrie, this hero got his newest skin, namely Wheel of Justice which is an elite skin type.

 You can get the Karrie Wheel of Justice skin on December 25, 2021 later at the mobile legends skin shop.

So that's the schedule for new skins and new heroes that will be released in December, as for the skins that will be reshaled like the Legend Skin from Granger Starfall knight and also the Zodiak Martis skin will be back in December.

If there's a skin you're after next month, save up immediately so you can buy the newest skin that will be released later in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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