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Best Alucard Item Build 2021 auto Savage Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Alucard is one of the most popular Hero Mobile Legends. Because of the popularity of Alucard, it is not uncommon for Mobile Legends players to always pick Alucard during a match, both in Classic mode and Ranked mode, especially for players who are still in the Epic Glory tier and below.

As a mainstay hero, of course Alucard has great damage. With a fast lifesteal, this Hero fighter/Assassin is also difficult to beat by opponents. Moreover, Alucard is also quite agile so catching him can be a problem that is not easy to do.

Although known as a strong hero, Alucard can be a useless hero without a build or gear that is suitable for Alucard. For that, we will discuss the sickest 2021 Alucard build, which makes the enemy guaranteed to be in disarray if they face your Alucard.

Well, below are the recommendations for the build or the sickest Alucard gear in Mobile Legends that you can use in a match, guaranteed to be an auto topsy-turvy enemy.

Recommended Item Gear Build Alucard 2021

1. Tough Boots

Alucard is a fighter hero who is quite resistant to physical attacks, but will be weak with Magic attacks. Therefore, the first item that you must buy is Tough Boots.

This item provides additional Movement Speed ​​and Magic DEF. Tough Boots also has a unique passive that can reduce the duration of crowd control by 30%, perfect for weak Alucard heroes with disables.

2. War Axe

Because Alucard's lifesteal ability comes from his skills, you need items that can reduce cooldown skills and increase Basic ATK.

War Ax is the second item that is very suitable to use, because this item adds Physical PEN by 45, 550 HP, and 10% Cooldown reduction.

In addition, this item has a unique passive that can provide additional Physical ATK and Physical PEN for three seconds for the user and can be stacked up to eight times.

3. Endless Battle

This item can increase Alucard's Lifesteal even more and also has many additional stats, namely 65 Physical ATK, 25 Mana Regen, 250 HP, 5% Movement Speed, 10% Cooldown Reduction and 15% Physical Lifesteal.

This Endless Battle also has a unique effect for its users, which gives True DMG of 60% of Physical ATK after using the skill for three seconds, and has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

4. Brute Force Breastplate

The fourth item is Brute Force Breastplate, this item is suitable for Alucard who incidentally is a fighter hero where he must be on the front line during war. Brute Force Breastplate can increase Alucard's resistance so that the survival rate is even greater.

This item has a large additional HP and DEF of around 770 and 45. In addition, this item has a unique passive that provides additional Movement Speed ​​and DEF when using skills.

5. Malefic Roar

The next item, Malefic Roar, is a late game item that must be purchased if you want to have big damage. This item has an additional Physical ATK of 65 and an additional 35% Physical PEN.

You can use this item against tank-type heroes who have thick Physical DEF.

6. Blade of Despair

Often also called BOD, this item has a very large additional Physical ATK, Alucard's damage will be even more painful and feared by the enemy when he enters the late game.

In addition, this unique passive from BOD is very useful when doing war, because many enemy heroes have HP below 50% and that will make Alucard get more additional damage.

As one of the core heroes, Battle Spell is highly recommended to use Retribution so that the potential of Hero Alucard will come out completely compared to if he played in other positions.

For Emblems that are suitable for Alucard, namely Assassin. With this emblem, Alucard will get additional Physical ATK and PEN which is quite high. In this emblem you can use the Killing Spree talent which can provide HP Regeneration and Movement Speed ​​when eliminating or killing opposing heroes.

Now that's the gear that is suitable for Alucard so that the resulting damage is more painful and auto win. Hopefully this article can help you in using your Alucard hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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