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57 Starlight Fest Tokens! Here are the details - Event Recharger Gift Starlight Fest Mobile Legends 2021 - Hello guys, how are you? I hope you are well and have a nice day. Ok guys, this time I will share the calculation of all Starlight Fest Tokens obtained for the annual Kagura Starlight Spin Event tomorrow Saturday 27 November 2021 server time.

The total of all the tokens you get is 57 tokens if you complete the top up mission and spend diamonds at the Recharger Gift event later.

For more details, please see the details below.

Recharger Gift for Starlight Fest 2021 on 27 November 2021 :

A total of 57 Starlight Fest Tokens

Tasks :

  • Pre-Order = 1 Starlight Token
  • Log In = 2 Starlight Tokens
  • Play with Friends = 2 Starlight Tokens
  • Recharger 25 Diamond = 2 Starlight Tokens
  • Recharger 100 Diamond = 10 Starlight Tokens
  • Recharger 250 Diamond = 20 Starlight Tokens
  • Spend 200 Diamonds = 6 Starlight Tokens
  • Spend 500 Diamonds = 14 Starlight Tokens

You will get 57 Starlight Tokens if you complete the mission above.

With these 57 tokens, you can get lots of prizes to spin at the Kagura Annual Starlight Event later. There is a possibility that you can get a limited epic skin, border exclusive kagura water lily, exclusive recall effect or even get the main prize, namely the Kagura Water Lily Skin. Wow, I hope your gacha will get lucky.

Well, so it's more or less like that for information on the number of Starlight tokens that you will get later.