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Bug Code Chat Global for Event Promo Diamond 11 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

After this title, we will share the bug code for the carnival of the yellow diamond promo event that is taking place in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this event we will compete with 5 players at random to win one or two to get the yellow diamond prize.

For those of you who do not know what a yellow diamond is, this yellow diamond you can use to get discounts when you want to buy epic, special or other skins in the shop. The more you often win this event, the bigger the yellow diamond that you can get in a lot.

Details of the prizes that you can get from the yellow diamond event are as follows:

  • Each reset session every 3 days, there are 5 sessions, so the length of this event for you to follow
  • One earned 1 Gold Badge and 140 yellow diamonds.
  • He received four Silver Badges and 90 Yellow Diamonds.
  • The third place received 3 silver badges and 40 yellow diamonds.
  • The fourth place received 2 siver badges and 30 yellow diamonds.
  • The five men received two silver badges and 20 yellow diamonds.
  • 5 Gold badges can be exchanged for random Epic skins (this is if you win 5 times in a row 1).
  • Silver badges can be exchanged for yellow diamonds (20 silver badges equals 10 yellow dimaonds)

To complete this diamond promo carnival event you only need to complete the missions provided by the system, such as competing together with friends, share events and others you can see in the mission box section.

In addition, to add points to this dievent you can also invit each other between Mobile Legends players, the more code that smakin dinvit also many points collected so that they can most likely win in the top one.

Well here it turns out there is a bug where we can share to global chat friends in the game to be able to get more points. The advantages with global chat we will get more points because of the global chat where mobile legend players gather from all over.

How to Bug Code Chat Global Carnival Event 11 Diamond Yellow MLBB

About how? You can see how to get the point of the 11 diamond yellow carnival event. The trick is very easy, you just need to enter the code into a global chat that will later appear a message to invit each other.

  1. First step please open your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game
  2. Open on the global chat tab
  3. Use Blue Mic to start a global chat, then enter the following code
  4. Carnival Event Global Chat Code 11 Diamond yellow : #SubType#1111-210 or #SubType#-212-
  5. Then click Send. Finish. Wait until another player receives an invit from your global chat, then the point will increase.
  6. Don't forget to wear a blue mic.

In the above way you can get points more easily and easily through global chat, do so to get more points.

Well how? It's pretty easy, isn't it? So hunt for trial before bug of carnival event 11 yellow diamond promo in fix moonton. The more yellow diamonds you have, the bigger the discount you can get when buying Mobile Legends skins.

So for this post, don't forget to share your friends and hopefully useful.

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